Results of the Photo Contest 2013

Közzététel dátuma: Sep 23, 2013 7:44:13 AM

Here are the results of the Photo Contest.:) We closed to count the votes at 15/09/2013 and we had a strange surprise. Balazs Boncz won 3 from the 4 categories so we decided to change the rules a little bit. So One Person could win only in one category and if the votes are equal dr. Ilona Kovats (psichologyst and fan of the photo art) decide. Ilona also helped to collect the photos for the exhibitions. So the final results are: 

• In Friendship Category: Nóra Viola Pap - Leaders of the Game c. fotója (35 like)

• In Family Category: Balázs Boncz - Mother and Daughter (42 like)

• In Movement Category: Péter Szentpáli - Swing (8 like)

• In Challenge Category: Wojciech Front – Almost done (16 like)

Congratulation for the Winners!:) But do not be upset if you didn’t win this time, because we have extra pizes from Morgan Stanley, Nikon and Canon. At the end of the week they will say their decision. So don’t give up!:) 

And here are the exhibitions exact details:

• Morgan Stanley Exhibition in their Office (1095 Budapest Lechner Ödön fasor 8.) 26/09/2013 16-17:00. It is a closed event where they pronounce the winner of MS Prize.

• The other important event will be opened for the public at Szabó Ervin Central Library (Bp., Szabó Ervin tér 1.) at 17-19:00 17/10/2013. Everybody else will get the prizes here and we organise a small celebration. Some games will be also organised there for children. We plan to establish skype connection with Slovakian, Polich and Czech friends.