It was a great event :-)!

Közzététel dátuma: Feb 06, 2017 4:1:39 PM

In order to promote the quality of life of rare disease patients living with Williams syndrome, we organized an international special development camp, which strengthens the autonomy of the participants. On the one hand, we introduced our EU award winning special educational and vocational programme, embedded into community building elements. On the other hand, we shared our experiences in supporting the more independent life of young people with intellectual disabilities.

With involving all the V4 countries, we could produce international, non-formal educational activities, promoting a better understanding of the diversity of our common European culture and shared heritage, as well as of our common basic values. The participating WS organizations have similar problems in this region, and could also change best practices and develop together the future of WS peoples.

You can see the short film and some photos about the camp at the bottom of the home page.